Malignant ★★★★

You know a horror movie is good when you could replace literally all of the characters with drag queens and the emotional tempo would be the exact same. Idk what it is about James Wan’s specific connection to kitschy americana but the man is campier than a BSA jamboree and it took a complete explosion of his goofier sensibilities, as seen in Malignant, for me to realize how weirdly draggy even Ed and Lorraine Warren are. I mean, some parts of this movie are like John Waters doing giallo and it is continuously hilarious in a coy, gruesome, fantabulously perverse way. Do not do yourself the disservice of missing this movie, which contains the most neck-snappingly ridiculous final act action sequence in all of Wan’s high octane schlockfest filmography. A truly carnivalesque goodtime freakathon that only gets better the more the curtain is pulled back. I mean this in every sense of the word (maybe even the spoilery ones?), but… WIG

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