Tenet ★★★★

In the future, a scientist creates an algorithm to ‘invert’ time. This algorithm is applied to a number of artefacts, which are intentionally scattered around the world. An unnamed CIA officer (Washington) is introduced to the inversion technology, and embarks upon a time-looping mission to avert cataclysmic disaster.

Mind boggling sci-fi / action-thriller from Christopher Nolan. A grossly convoluted, complex, ambitious puzzle. Akin to Nolan’s ‘Inception’ in some ways. It’s a dense affair, exploring philosophical themes concerning time loops, cause / effect, predestination, etc. Full of impressive spectacle and misdirection. Sequences where events play out simultaneously in real time and reverse are astoundingly realised and executed.

The performances are fine across the board. Branagh’s grandiose Bond villain ‘Sator’ is an odd joy to behold. Beautifully photographed, and boasting a decent score from Ludwig Goransson. It’s a fast and disorientating ride - one which is genuinely difficult to keep up with. The use of red and blue coloured motifs to indicate what's moving forward / backwards in time, is handy (to a point). As such, ‘Tenet’ is a film which requires multiple viewings to fully appreciate, leaving questions / meanings in the air.

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