Sam & Mattie Make A Zombie Movie ★★★

Two friends with Down syndrome crowdfund a zombie movie and have full creative control over it. This documentary captures the process of getting it made, and as bonus we get to see the movie itself, which runs under an hour. It’s a story you love to see: people with disabilities making their dreams a reality. But as a whole this is essentially a “making of” featurette slapped together with a horror movie that probably wouldn’t see the light of day under normal circumstances. The problem here is that we don’t get to know Sam and Mattie well enough to care. We learn about their lives and backgrounds, but what are their struggles outside of the obvious? Here they’re just presented as two hilarious guys who really love soda and movies. As for the actual zombie movie, there are a lot of funny “WTF” moments but the novelty wore off after a while for me.