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  • The Bar

    The Bar


    The key word here is “patience”. I’m glad I didn’t bail on this one when I struggled to stay interested. This is a great, claustrophobic thriller with an ensemble cast that shines, but it takes what feels like forever to get to that point.

  • Johnny Gruesome

    Johnny Gruesome


    This is like a Disney Channel movie if it was directed by the ghost of Lucio Fulci.

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  • Bad Trip

    Bad Trip


    An absurd road comedy filmed - for the most part - around unsuspecting civilians. I laughed so hard I drooled at one point.

  • Virtuosity



    Gotta love 90s versions of “the future”; it’s all about the aesthetic and less about practicality. This is a bad movie that’s barely saved by Denzel and Crowe. Even when it comes to Crowe’s character, the charisma is there but he’s written so cartoonishly that it sort of falls flat. I wish Denzel would’ve kept the dreads for the whole movie.