Brokeback Mountain

Brokeback Mountain ★★★★★

The mythical symbol of the Cowboy being deconstructed in deep psychological and emotional levels here at the hands of Ang Lee in his modern Western, which takes on a true romantic aura. Romance that passes far from just being a simple explicit or erotic "gay romance", but yet an intimate and truly sweet love story. But without leaving to be raw and indeed tragic in its strong moments, and at all times realistic. With Heath Ledger taking on the "grand macho" facade of the Cowboy who struggles with himself to keep that image of his masculinity intact against the purity and affection of Jake Gyllenhaal character, the modern man, ahead of his time, who can love without caring about ther prejudiced and dated society standards. Pure vision in also which Ang Lee directs his film giving such a humanistic and profound look, not only to its complex characters, but to its beautiful landscape stage. Which captures the essence of the old western where its environment complements its characters mind and soul, an epic scenery in a so intimate story. Where we see that love and affection are far beyond sexual gender, but lied on a truly emotional and almost spiritual level.

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