Candyman ★★★

Heavy on metaphor and distractingly in your face, killing the subtext with every chance it gets. Every period in cinema has this problem these stories need to be told but they need to get over this hump and start being sharper with your social commentary. Never was it so eye-rolling POSSIBLE SPOILER in the cop car at the end, that's all I'll say. My eyes rolled to the back of my head. It felt like a different film at this point.

It looks slick and glossy and has a decent amount of entertaining bloodshed. It's not on the 1992 films level and that's mostly because it doesn't have that score which, forgive me, is another character and full layer to that film.

Full of haunting imagery and prescient themes - the lighting is all part of the magic and has a couple of really effective scenes. It has enough throwbacks to keep the fans happy while managing to portray its own message however, heavy that is.

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