Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice ★★

It's so frustrating to see the potentially good movie hiding beneath Snyder's garish digital veneer of bad decisions and inept storytelling. Whatever others have said of the titular clash, there's clear motivation for these two heroes to clash, even going so far as to somewhat justify MAN OF STEEL's terrible climactic finale. Moreso, new interpretations of these classic characters are somewhat interesting, despite proving to be complete failures. But BvS never takes advantage of this setup, trading character-driven conflict for unintelligble (visually and narratively) CGI slugfests. Half-baked pseudophilosophy hackneyed religious imagery aside, there's a clear path for exploring the place of demi-gods and "meta-humans" existing in a world that feels increasingly insecure, and how their existence could benefit or harm humanity as a whole. Instead, Snyder provides us a bloated, bleak slog of a franchise place-setter. Jesus "Superman" Christ, what a mess.