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  • Escape from New York
  • Martyrs
  • Evil Dead II
  • Climax

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  • Memories of Murder

  • Barking Dogs Never Bite

  • The Tomorrow War

  • Ghostbusters

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  • Killer Eye: Halloween Haunt

    Killer Eye: Halloween Haunt

    Charles Band's current formula seems to consist of regurgitating footage from previous productions combined with a highly unlikely lipstick lesbian cast. Barely scraping an hour with lengthened titles and even longer inserts of footage form The Killer Eye (as well as jabs at original director David DeCoteau's sexuality) it's a long way from the days of the Paramount distributed Full Moon (which DeCoteau helped build). Rewatch Trancers or Puppetmaster instead the Full Moon has set.

  • Interstellar



    Love transcends the dimensions. Oh Nolan get your coat and fuck off.