Manhunter ★★★★½

"Manhunter" is a stylized 80's police procedural mixed in with excursions into the minds and personal lives of the hunter Will Graham, an expert in serial killer mentality, and hunted Francis Dollarhyde, an "Avid fan" of Hannibal Lektor, although who's hunting and who's being hunted kind of shifts about. Definitely perhaps shares links with "Silence of the Lambs" in portraying the hunt through dark places and the terrible threat the killer poses every second he's not behind bars, and the search for understanding and using that to finally nail the killer while there's still time. It's procedural, forensic psychology, and some kind of telepathy all mixed together with a pulsing soundtrack and the pastel like colors and interiors. With Michael Mann, it features his look but expands it, does not rehash it. He matches his look with his story pretty well. Dollarhyde is for all intents and purposes every bit the equal of Hannibal. And it is cool the way he makes his appearance in an ominous looking scene still in the film's first half, setting up the increasingly creepy contest with Will Graham who has to figure this guy out while keeping his own mind from going over the ledge. The selection of Iron Butterfly to kind of carry the film out fits really well. It's what Dollarhyde had on his stereo I guess, but it's not a random selection. "In a gadda da vida honey, don't you know that I'm lovin' you".

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