The Triplets of Belleville

The Triplets of Belleville ★★★★½

Is there a story? Barely.
Is there rich, witty dialogue? No.
Is there any dialogue? Nope.
Is it gorgeously animated? Yes, yes, yes.

The artwork animation on display in Sylvain Chomet's The Triplets of Belleville is absolutely stunning in its execution. The characters that reside in this wonderful, simplistic world of cycling and train-barking are undeniably singular, you've never quite seen characters like this before; whether it's Madame Souza's mound of a figure, potato-faced with Fraggle Rock eyes or the ridiculousness of Champion, the perpetual cyclist with his rope torso perched atop his bike, powered by his ham hock calves and the wind against his jib nose or the elderly Belleville triplets all looking like a geriatric Janice from the Electric Mayhem.

Now that I typed that jibberish I'm realizing...maybe you have seen something like them before - Henson, Miyazaki marriage simmering in French stock. So much French.

The song towards the end with the Triplets playing the vacuum, refrigerator and newspaper accompanied by Madame Souza tickling the tension-spokes of a cycle tire was a showstopper.

The other main highlights being the nightmares of an obese dog rendered in black-and-white and the inflated sphere of flesh that is an American boy scout getting thumped on the face, repeatedly by Madame Souza.

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