WALL·E ★★★★★

We are beautiful 
In a desert of wonder 
Still containing hope 

I have not watched Wall-e as much as other Pixar movies, but it still sticks in my head due to how great it is. There is so much to absorb from this visual story about modernization and subversion. The character of Wall-E gives us so much likeability throughout the movie. The movie conveys so much empathy through its visual storytelling. We become so attached to the character and the world since there is very little dialogue to give us a lot of context to the world. 

We become so attached to this robot trying to make the best situation in the world he lives in. Things changed when we become faced with those who have created the current status quo that Wall-E has to navigate through, us.
Wall-E is nothing more than a forgotten byproduct of humans who have discarded previous technology once something more advanced pleased their desires. A great juxtaposition to Wall-e looking for some sort of connection to avoid isolation, while the humans are using technology as a way to avoid interpersonal interactions. We have become so focused on our individual needs that we have not only neglected real issues going on in our planet, but also ourselves. Even now, we have become so invested in technology that there are problems in the world that we want to avoid by not discussing them or focusing our attention elsewhere cause we desperately want to avoid being part of collective, despite that being inevitable. We fall into the collection since we are all using technology as a means to isolate ourselves from what is difficult. It affects our world and ourselves. 

The character of Wall-E shows that we can still care about the problems of our planet and still experience a human desire; love. We can still feel love for others despite being in a world.
It is amazing how the movie not only critiques us for our selfishness but also celebrates us by making one of the core aspects of the movie a love story. Wall-E constantly mistakes and displaying awkward behavior in front of EVE feels so genuine. A celebration of how genuine human emotion can still be expressed during a time that things do not seem to be getting better, despite the illusion that the world is created due to how technology perpetuates myths about how the world truly functions. These two robots are about to find beauty and joy in a world that visually does not appear to have such aspects. Once they develop a connection with each other, EVE begins to not only find beauty in a world that can be improved upon, but also beauty in herself and someone else she has developed a connection to.

As we explore more of this beautifully animated world, we see how they begin to navigate through a world where corporate technology is encouraging people to maintain their illusions on the world. Despite these machines functioning to conduct a specific task, they can be viewed in a different way using intertextuality. We can view these robots repeating these same tasks as those in the corporate world who have no choice to work in occupations that function to maintain the illusion for others and themselves. It is somewhat sad since it means that the only way to have a purpose in the current status quo is to become the very thing that is perpetuating the cycle of the problems produced by the collective.

The movie presents an optimistic view of all of the subtext. Once a few break out of the illusion and realize how the world currently is, it is possible to help others see a more uncomfortable reality. Reality is so uncomfortable that together we can navigate through it. We can find a way to plant small seeds that can eventually manifest into something that can change our world for the better. Wall-E and Eve teach us that there is humanity, beauty, and hope in a world that we sometimes neglect. It is never too late to plant small seeds so small progress develops. Sometimes once we witness a new reality, it is hard to look at ourselves in the mirror at what we have become by indirectly perpetuating the problem. It is not too late to change ourselves to better navigate through the new world. It is not too late to become the start of greater change. Even if we influence just a few people through the power of communicating than we are helping our world.

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