McCabe & Mrs. Miller

McCabe & Mrs. Miller ★★★★★

Finally got around to checking this out on the criterion channel! A movie like this makes me want to check out more westerns in the future since I know more about what is within the western genre from the readings I have done rather than learning from watching many western films. 

What really made me hook with McCabe & Mrs Miller was how the movie presented the archetypes one would expect from the western genre. A great foundational framework used to reveal the humanity and vulnerability that tends to be lost behind these character types. We see characters embody this machismo exterior while following within their expect societal norms trying to navigate what it means for them to work within and outside their societal box. Longing for connections with others to avoid of the isolation their competitive surroundings demand for them. 

The way certain scenes were shot along with characters doing certain actions in each frame makes moments of the movie come off as dream like. A dream that the characters desire and believe they can obtain. Sadly, those moments they believe truly belongs them just ends with them being reminded that none of what they have is theirs or a dream come true. They are nothing more than pawns being control like puppets to keep the internal and external environment thriving for those who want to remain in their archetypes with very little humanity. A cold western world we’re humanity must be hidden.

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