Brother to Brother

Brother to Brother ★★★★

Even with a small budget, you feel the power that comes from each frame that displays the very confidence within ones self that our main character shows. Too often when people talk about being pro black, the lives of black people who are not heterosexual are ignored. I am glad a movie like this exist and I hope more people check it out during pride month. 

The movie does a unique job at showing the intersections of black identity and the pressure to conform to the simplistic demands of the white establishment. How you have to make your blackness digestible. Forcing you to adapt to the majority rather than the majority challenging themselves to learn more about our culture. I was impressed with how the movie also manage to integrate the constant pressure black people of multiple identities feel in regards to people treating us like the spokes person for our whole culture. The experiences of multiple black people of all walks of life will not be forgotten. They live on in us. I would consider this to be great if some parts did not come off like a quick psa for a after school special. Still heavily recommend!! 

Also, Anthony Mackie is absolutely fantastic here. I cannot stress that enough.

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