WALL·E ★★★★★

One of Pixar's best. Wall-E is a movie that contains almost no dialogue, but doesn't have a single second that seems useless or boring. The movie opens with simple sounds in the first 40 minutes, focusing on the charming robot Wall-E, his animal friend and the visitor from space, EVE.
 After the 40 minutes of a growing lovestory, we have so much to look at, so much to process, it's incredible. Pixar gives us a dystopian future, where every human being is fat, lazy and the only thing they do is eat and look at the screen in front of their faces.
 Despite the mildly disturbing future predictions of Pixar, the movie NEVER loses it's heart. The movie is so much fun, despite all of the mentioned things and will entertain almost everyone, no matter the age.