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  • Survival Skills

    Survival Skills

    I made this!*

    Obligatory post about it being incredible to see my work at festivals, the hard road, etc. But mainly I'm posting to offer my deep and sincere thanks to everybody both on Letterboxd and beyond who are reviewing/posting their thoughts, etc. Even those of you who didn't connect with it as much are clearly approaching it with an open mind and respect and I can't tell you how incredibly moving it is to see people engage with the…

  • I'm Thinking of Ending Things

    I'm Thinking of Ending Things

    Was gonna write a whole thing about What distinguishes Lynch’s work from Kaufman’s, but then I realized I got work to do so here’s my random scribblings (note: Charlie Kaufman is a genius. I’m evaluating this in comparison to his other work not, like, modern cinema in general, which he towers above):

    -Far and away Kaufman’s weakest overall film (still haven’t seen Confessions), but another stunning showcase of his dialogue work.
    -Really crippled in sections by a lack of formal…