• Yi Yi

    Yi Yi


    What a slow burn inside the life of this family. I see myself in many of the characters. This is truly a beautiful piece of art, a film that is gorgeous and truthful. Teardrops 😈

  • Beautiful Girls

    Beautiful Girls


    A guilty pleasure, like a store bought strawberry shortcake and some dryers ice cream. At first I thought no way I won’t even finish this, but by the second or third bite I was hooked. So sweet and a touch of depth, however illusionary, kept me forking down every bite down til the last scene.  There is two very tasty monologues, the first the shortcake and the second the ice cream. I think I’ll put this in the fridge for seconds.

  • Chungking Express

    Chungking Express


    Pretty images and poetic dialouge, another masterpiece from Wong Kar Wai. The way this movie and Fallen Angels play off each other is brilliant. It's like this is one side of the yin and yang and Fallen Angels is the other. He was on one when he did these two movies. The voice and ideas in these two films are endless inspiration. The images are ideally everything I want from film. Flawless!

  • Fallen Angels

    Fallen Angels


    so nice i had 2 watch it twice
    visual masterpiece

  • She's the Man

    She's the Man


    Low key a classic. Amanda Bynes at her prime. Drama plot based on Shakespeare story, twelfth night,  well written and structured. Good laughs. Ha! Ha!

  • Persona



    In a forbidden way a sexy film. Quarantine vibes

  • In the Mood for Love

    In the Mood for Love


    Poetic. Cinematography 1000. Clever. Costume design. All aspects of this film were handled with care and I wouldn’t change anything about it. My heart was full after watching this.

  • Rebels of the Neon God

    Rebels of the Neon God


    This film is the beginnng of Tsai’s crack into the film world. It is delicate, realistic and beautiful. This portrait of youth is a genuine energy that transcends time and space. The soundtrack, containing different variations of the same song, adds to the atmosphere. To watch this film is almost like watching a pilot, informing all the films he made after this one. (Although we live in a speed demon society) if you can slow down your attention span and allow yourself to enjoy this film, there is great joys to be had. Watch his second film Vive L’amour after. Both on streaming service Kanopy.

  • Fire at Sea

    Fire at Sea


    Watching this movie changed my perspective on cinema. As a documentary, it plays out like narrative movie, with no formal interviews or typical doc devices. The images captured here are powerful and indicative of the immigration situation in Lampelusa. A film I could only dream of making.