• The Scenic Route

    The Scenic Route

    Perhaps this is just me, but the austerity of the film’s sensual faculties have a heightened eroticism, the often estranged affects of the dramaturgy being very literally articulated through certain in-motion tableaux, in addition to the determination Rappaport has strained when constructing a film dominately compromised of aimless gazes. It’s that very lack of directionality in the harpooned stares which is at the crux of the film’s paradox: Operatic emotionality as represented by the sterility of an image, the technical…

  • The Tragedy of Macbeth

    The Tragedy of Macbeth

    The Signification of Macbeth

  • Blue Lake Girl

    Blue Lake Girl

    Jissoji smears the lens with lubricant often, in order to intervene in our perception of light, itself splayed across this phantasmic landscape in malformed shapes and refracting streaks -- of course, he's creating a direct relationship between our sense of subjectivity vis-a-vis the Vertigo-esque perspective taken by out protagonist painter in attempting to reimagine and project in all manners the love he lost. Onto the canvas this goes, through his dreams, and inevitably these protuberances crystallize from spectre to body,…

  • Ultra Q The Movie: Legend of the Stars

    Ultra Q The Movie: Legend of the Stars

    Similar to Megalopolis in its kaiju-allegorical inquiries towards the fabric of modernity in the face of historicity -- this one is perhaps a bit more optimistic and empathic, leaving pretty much every plotted trajectory properly unresolved.

  • Salomé



    The Yiddish really seals the deal.

  • Goodbye South, Goodbye

    Goodbye South, Goodbye

    Waning off into the haze of electronic mandopop --

  • Poem



    Those Who value eternity
    go trust a rock
    and go make a gravestone.
    even if one dies young, like a flower
    in perfection...

  • Tamasha


    Perhaps I simply got lost in the initial delineation of chronology, but i perceived this as a work that, on ignition, gives context through a Matryoshka Doll organization of info, conveying a narrativity that is simultaneously affected in tandem with the protagonist’s stifled position, then usurping that initial set up to, come the third act, offer linearity as it coincides a process of self-actualization. It might be that this is not the case, but, alongside some of the busiest cinematography I’ve seen recently, feels quite fitting.

  • Samurai Rebellion

    Samurai Rebellion

    Compelling drama, conceived through increasingly expressionistic lenses until the inevitable makes its name patently heard and Kobayashi concedes to the austere naturalism of the climax. Assured and gracefully glutted with a full-bodied tragedy.

  • Atrangi Re

    Atrangi Re

    <:GalaxyBrain:> <:GalaxyBrain:> 
    Incredible. Jogging in absolute circles until it just arbitrarily decides to break the sound barrier. It’s so unexpectedly upsetting, too, startlingly stirring… That’s special.

  • A Serious Man

    A Serious Man


    The most compassionate movie I’ve seen.

  • Eight Gifts of Hanukkah

    Eight Gifts of Hanukkah

    Unexpectedly hornier than I thought these things were allowed to be -- but it's mostly in the performances, so I guess mannerism goes under the board of directors' heads.