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Goal in life: get to BAFICI in Buenos Aires.

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  • The Silence

    The Silence


    A beautiful premise executed beautifully. Makhmalbaf must have worried about the changes happening in Iran, and wanted to capture the patterns, art, commerce, sounds and especially the colors of the countryside. So it’s a perfect conceit to have the story driven by children who are the most observant of us all. While the blind boy Khorshid cannot see the brightly colored dresses of the girls and women who are by his side, we do.

    Following Jean Renoir’s edict, every frame…

  • The Tree, the Mayor and the Mediatheque

    The Tree, the Mayor and the Mediatheque


    Skewering architects, central culture ministers, and patronizing petty bourgeois politicians, what’s not to like? The 10-year-old activist daughter of the one room schoolteacher steals every scene that she’s in.

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  • L'Argent



    The doors and windows of bourgeois Paris open and close. Bresson dissects Tolstoy's moral tale of how the system favors those who have, and destroys the have nots.

    There are just some incredible shots in this film, about how a petty crime has violent repercussions. Time and again Bresson puts his camera just out of the frame of the violence. A woman carrying a mug of morning coffee is slapped in the face, but we see the coffee cup not…

  • Blind Chance

    Blind Chance


    OK! In the first 5 minutes we get a primal screen (opening shot), dead and bloody bodies on the hospital floor, some Malickian POV shots and an actual autopsy, cutting open a teacher's chest.

    Later our hero hears something outside the window, and looks out to see two men in the garden juggling at least 20 balls at once.

    WITEK: What are they doing?

    WOMAN: They've been practicing for at least ten years.

    WITEK: Why?

    WOMAN: No reason. Seems no…