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  • The Slumber Party Massacre

    The Slumber Party Massacre


    Breasts, Butts, and...Feminism?

    Almost everything you need to know about The Slumber Party Massacre can be understood from the very suggestive poster (even if it does not feature the actual actors in the movie). What caught me off guard was director Amy Holden Jones' sly take on the traditional genre slasher, crafting a story that follows the clichés and eye candy required by audiences, yet says a lot more in the process.

    I applaud the decision to go all in…

  • Come and See

    Come and See


    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    This was heavy.

    I walked into this one pretty much blind, only having seen Aleksei Kravchenko's eyes staring at me each time I passed by a review on Letterboxd or saw the Criterion cover in my local video shop. I will never see these eyes the same way, now having the privilege to understand all that his stare encompasses. Come and See caught hold of my attention quickly and then dragged me through the mud, frightened me, forced me to…

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  • She-Wolf of London

    She-Wolf of London

    Honestly, I could barely stay interested in this one so I'm not going to rate. I'm feeling the fatigue at this point and I'm so glad that this marks the end of the long run of sequels. Next up are the Abbott and Costello's and the Creature From the Black Lagoon's, which I am very excited about!

    From what little I paid attention to, they flipped the script to a female (as they did with The Invisible Woman) and they had a murder plot tied in?

    A History in Horror!

  • House of Dracula

    House of Dracula


    Disappointed in the reused footage and score, but still another fun Monster Rally edition.

    I really like John Carradine! Interesting to hear his later thoughts about the "curse" of playing Dracula, the curse being that it was the only role he was remembered for after having many others he was proud of. Also, seems the post war audiences affected the production of this film, as horror was not what most were turning to.

    A History in Horror!

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  • Sound of Metal

    Sound of Metal


    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    Really, Letterboxd community? All you people who rated this 4+ stars, really??? Is this film being elevated by what will certainly soon be named "the Letterboxd effect", in which Letterboxd as a whole stans a film based mostly off the way this site highlights it, with news articles, podcasts, and a front spot on "Popular This Week"? (Mostly kidding, I love you all, but with this film we'll have to agree to disagree...)

    I understand the hype behind this one…

  • Picnic at Hanging Rock

    Picnic at Hanging Rock


    Honey, I Shrunk the Watchlist! 5/30

    The rocks! How surreal and haunting. Every shot Weir includes of different angles and views of the looming geologic features of Hanging Rock inspire the imagination to drift to far reaches of the mind. The imagery here is unforgettable, and Weir's cross fades and static, lingering shots capture the Australian countryside and our attention.

    Sometimes the best mysteries are the ones that are never answered. This adaptation does well to omit the eventually released…