Waves ★★

White guy bumped Yeezus and wrote a script to it, people praise it as a revolutionary work of humanity. The fact that this has such false "formality" and is being trumpeted for it is colossally confusing to me. Songs will play for moments like they're supposed to lead to something but cut off quicker than they appear, like they were just put in for nothing or maybe for some weird internet points off of r/indieheads, boring, done-to-death dialogue ("you wouldn't survive outside of this house," blah blah blah, "love is patient, love is kind," blah blah blah) is just written out to show how serious and "real" it all is, actors just seem like they don't want to be there half the time, and Reznor's score is sometimes appealing at best but overbearing at worst. Lost interest a while in, but completely lost all will to live when the annoying aggressive kid whom I had no sympathy for trashed his room to Tyler's "IFHY." All you white boys out there calling this a masterpiece and putting it in your top five just because Kanye is on the soundtrack (you know exactly who you are) are totally clowning and utterly delusional. This shit is just one big artistic flex from some Ocean stan that A24 gave a budget, and I'm not here for any of it. And also, big yikes to the fact that Shults, a white man, felt the need to write about a black family and try to allude to their experience, and then call it "colorblind" like it gives him a pass. This man literally glorified masculine rage and treated the black experience like it was his, and some of y'all are just ignoring it. Maybe instead of trying to tell people how artistic and unique your perspective is, actually show that it is instead of shading your shit in neon and putting alt-rap over it. An American tragedy? Absolutely. But not at all in the way you'd think.

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