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  • Contraband



    Hateful, violent, gory as hell, ultra-problematic-exploitation-gangster-dreck. Contraband is Lucio Fulci’s unsung masterwork. This movie is so bad, yet so good. Personally, it’s my version of The Room, I don’t know why but I can revisit this over and over. A thick atmosphere of dreamlike-carnage and surreal cruelty pervade every second of its 97 minute runtime. Sleazy beyond measure and full of over-the-top action sequences, with gore effects that could only be found in a Fulci film. The same 4 or 5…

  • Lost Highway

    Lost Highway


    A psychogenic excursion into the mind of a man and his insecurities. Dreams and reality meld together. Thought and action become one. In our fantasies, we are who we choose. We construct our own reality within dreams.
    But these mystic chimeras will surely crumble and the eternal damnation of the soul awaits.
    No more chasing Alice through Wonderland.

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  • Birth of the Living Dead

    Birth of the Living Dead


    Super informative documentary about the making of one of the greatest and most important horror films of all time in George A. Romero’s Night of the Living Dead. Containing interviews with the late, great Romero himself, along with many others, this little doc gets to the nitty gritty of how this monumental film came to be, the impact it had on the American public and the influence it would go on to have on the world of horror at large. If you’re a fan of Romero’s zombie classic, this is essential viewing. Great music here, too. I enjoyed and learned a lot from this.

  • Peppermint Frappe

    Peppermint Frappe


    Peppermint Frappe is a very interesting little movie from Carlos Saura. Released under the oppressive, nationalist reign of Spanish caudillo Francisco Franco, the film examines Spain’s fascination with Western culture outside of the country due to the isolationist repression being forced upon the population, using only a few simple motifs and a double shot of famed American actress Geraldine Chaplin. Dedicated to Luis Buñuel, we’re hit with a healthy dose of stylized surrealism that underlies the central plot, giving the film…

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  • Persona



    Prepossessing and indelible. Wholly symbolic and chock-full of visual metaphors and messages of a Jungian duality. Many have attempted to decode and deconstruct, all failing and succeeding simultaneously. Impenetrable, yet somehow understood on a level that exceeds our conscious thought processes. Persona defies what we know ourselves to be. It takes you someplace far beyond anything you could have ever comprehended and one is left forever changed and affected after experiencing it. Some of the most bewildering themes and beguiling frames…

  • Phantasm



    When I think of the term “cult classic”, one of the first movies that comes to mind is none other than Don Coscarelli’s 1979 surrealistic fantasy-horror fright-fest Phantasm. What makes this flick special is how it can be viewed as basically a fun little haunted house movie with a touch of sci-fi sprinkled in or as a film about the haunting manifestations of a young boy’s grief due to the traumatic loss of his family. It works as a cheesy horror…