Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

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This review may contain spoilers.

At its best, BvS is not a story. The film doesn't flow. The story doesn't even attempt to make much sense (a fact that may be acquiesced to with the upcoming Director's Cut). And the ending points nowhere but onward.

At its best, BvS is a collection of thematic strangleholds. Snyder does Mallick inside a burning building. What rights does God have on Earth? What rights do we have under God? Every scene serves a purpose in of a treatise and musing as opposed to a tightly knit collected bunch of sequences that lead up, down, and into the defeat of a main baddie. Which still happens anyway.

At its worst, BvS is not a story and just a collection of thematic strangleholds. Nolan knew how to weave all of this type of shit together. Whedon knew (but had a larger landscape and platform to jump off of). Even Snyder himself succeeded with Watchmen. This? Not so much.

But. BUT. BUUUT. This movie takes more risks than a drunken gambler at a five buck table. This movies ebs and flows and wrongs and rights are direct results of big ass swings (here's looking at you future Flash). Many do not connect. Many do.

And those that do mainly have to do with Scary Ass Awesome Batman (hereby referred to as Saab), Bitchin' Ass Gal Gadot (hereby referred to as Bitchin' Ass Gal Gadot), and the true to world legitimate stakes raised within the film.

This is by far and away the most comic book heavy movie we've gotten. Future Flash is not grounded. Batman 666 (almost) is not grounded). Doomsday is not grounded. Luthor's hair is not grounded.

The only thing that appears to be really grounded in anything is Lois/Clark's relationship. Which is all grounded in other material and sort of left to assumption here. For better or worse (read worse).

The Supes development (or lack thereof) is a mess. The Saab stuff is rad (BATMAN grapples and there's lightning and awesome TDKR stuff and great fighting and he's scary and does legit detective work for once and yeah). Bitchin' Ass Gal Gadot knocks it out of the park. That part you knew you wouldn't like (Doomsday) is just as useless as you could imagine (unless you pretend you're watching a Justice League cartoon wherein a CGI Doomsday being tag-teamed by Superman and WW is awesome).

It's a bizarre thing. It doesn't play to film buffs, comic purists, or young kids. It plays to someone (like me) just happy to see any version of these characters doing badass things on a big screen in front of 500 people. And I'm excited for what's next.

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