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  • Jeremy



    Solid if unflashy teen movie, clean and innocent, quiet and forlorn. Set in early ‘70s NYC, it details the life of a teenage boy, Jeremy (Robby Benson), a real lil Milhouse/Tina Belcher type who plays the cello and handicaps horses, who meets and falls for Susan (Glynis O’Connor), a new student at his high school. Quite on the other end of his teen idledom, here Benson plays a shy kid in love for the first time, with big thick glasses…

  • A Quiet Place to Kill

    A Quiet Place to Kill


    Green, green, green. Every character who kills in this is eventually clad in chartreuse, absolutely irradiated in bright yellows and greens as their worlds spin out of control. It’s a pretty sleepy Eurothriller dining out on a Mallorca location shoot and some great camera car zooms around dangerous cliffside roads, but Lenzi keeps turning the screws until the evil is drawn out of each character that steps into the mix. He also proves that dropping an eye-scalding amount of bright,…

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  • Suspiria



    35mm original Italian print at the Music Box. Decent translation in subtitles, which were being live projected from a PowerPoint deck from the booth — they missed a few cues but mostly did OK, and really revealed how wrong the English dubbing was for this one. The sound was greatly improved tonight as well, probably because I didn’t sit in the back, and it wasn’t some deafening modern surround sound experience. Really made me appreciate the film and its use…

  • Other Music

    Other Music

    Can’t review this objectively (I was OM auxiliary and wrote for their weekly newsletter for almost a decade, right up to the last few weeks; I know like 80% of the people interviewed in this) but will say that they really captured why the store was important, and the personalities that made it up. I was a Kim’s employee and did not have the patience or the social skills to do what these folks did.