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  • Central Park

    Central Park


    Little hidden gem for slasher fans. What stands out here are believable characters with their interesting backgrounds. The killings are brutal which is a plus too. If you're a slasher fan then give it a try.

  • Satan's Little Helper

    Satan's Little Helper


    What I liked about Satan's Little Helper the most are the realistic, likeable characters (well, maybe except this little brat Dougie, he was so irritating) and the Halloween set-up, with all it's colorful leaves.
    I really cared about Jenna, her mother, and especially about this poor guy Alex, beaten and treated like shit by his own father for the whole life.

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  • Don't Go in the House

    Don't Go in the House


    Lately I have been watching some shitty horror flicks, despite trying to find something entertaining. For some reason today I decided to watch late 70's video nasty "Don't Go in the House" and boy, I'm really glad I did.

    I'm not saying that "Don't Go in the House" is original. No, it tells a story that have been told many times. But it's creepy and it makes you feel uncomfortable. Donny Kohler is a character that you sympathize with and…

  • Sleepstalker


    This little flick has one of the best horror themes ever.