Nobody ★★★½

First movie I’ve seen in theaters since the pandemic. I missed them.

This movie is pure unfiltered masculinity in a way I’ve never really experienced before. It truly is the fantasy of every straight white American dude with a dad bod to be just like Hutch. So in that it succeeds! 

Also, it’s funny how obvious that this was written before John Wick and then pulled out of development hell when Odenkirk decided he wanted to play tough guy. Mild spoiler: it’s the same exact movie almost to a tee as the first Wick, except that Hutch has a family and no dog.

Speaking of the plot, the first act is far too long, but once it gets going it’s a fun time. I wish they gave Connie Nielsen SOMETHING to do in this because they build it up for a while that she’s more than just a pretty face, only to reveal she is, in fact, not more than just a pretty face. 

It’s dumb but enjoyable! My dad will love it. 

Watch If: you like uber-violent one man army movies.

Discussion Question: What was the point of the cat? Really weird addition that I can ONLY guess is to be an allusion to the eventual John Wick/Nobody crossover.

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