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  • A Shape of Things to Come

    A Shape of Things to Come


    Here's the real Nomadland (Sundog's even shown on the toilet, like Frances McDormand!), tinged with the same noble-outcast romanticism but more honest on the icky details of neo-hippy libertarianism - it leads with the extended death throes of a wild pig, shot then cheerfully disembowelled before being turned into pork chops - and also made by someone with a proper eye. Vivid, compelling images appear at intervals - a twister across sandy soil; a black cat perched on a tree…

  • Virus



    Half a star added for the experience of watching this eccentric, quite dumb but remarkably intense movie now. (Hopefully not for much longer.)

    More to come on ze website.

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  • Margaret



    Held me spellbound for three hours, if nothing else (extended cut, fwiw). 25th HOUR-ish - New York movie, moral drama about Doing the Right Thing, symphonic score over jagged rhythms - also Desplechin-ish for the sweep and scale, but more ambitious than either: an epic of human disconnection, based around the fact that language is such an imperfect way of trying to connect - emotion is easier, but we lose it as we grow older ("It is Margaret you mourn…

  • Aloha



    File with James L. Brooks' How Do You Know as a late-period rom-com that may seem inept because it dispenses with the usual pretence of realism (the magical setting helps, like it did, in a different way, in Almost Famous; maybe Crowe's peculiar sensibility needs the licence of an anything-goes milieu to really take flight). Myths and omens appear prominently. There's an emphasis on the touchy-feely - Danny McBride as Colonel "Fingers"; Bill Murray giving an impromptu massage - over…