The Witch

The Witch ★★★★

What's the purpose of winning chess tournaments when you can't convince your family you are not the WITCH.

Jokes apart The VVitch is vehement and fiery film which is nonpareil in the horror genre. The forte of this film is that the story doesn't rely on the typical jump scares or mangled storytelling. The way this film implement the concept of using the witch within the themes of religion, sexuality, beliefs is offbeat and effective. Much like the lighthouse, Eggers is more interested in the themes and the psychological effect not within the typical horror genre but asking questions related to humanity and morality and that's where Eggers creates elevate horror and excel unlike many directors who failed doing this way. A film based in 1600s and family living in outskirts of town, surrounding the wilderness after the town banning them cause of religious conflict which Eggers didn't explained in this film is the basic premise. The way this film address the presence of Christ, creating the horror around the subject of Satan and hell is fascinating and that's where I relished the first half for setting up the film so nicely and rhythmically. The way unfortunate incidents starts to occur from the *peekaboo* moment till last moment is just incredible and it's hard to achieve through the writing and directing and that's what make Eggers a very special and gifted director. The way he created a family going insane from the sane circumstances is something which is a masterclass in building the film within the psychological horror. Even though the second half specially during the later stage is messy and which isn't remarkable as the first half, the film never looses it's grip cause of the sensational performances by everyone. Starting from Anya Taylor Joy, she is trully the actor for the ages, her minimalist expression during the whole film is just brilliant, also the alumni of Game of thrones, Ralph Ineson as William and Kate Dickie as Katherine were incredible. Specially Kate during the later stage of the film and the grieving scenes she's just incredible. The cinematography is flawless, which is sharp and dreary. Also loved the colour palette of this film which created the horor of wildlife even more on screens. The biggest strength of both lighthouse and witch is the way director used the sound design in the silent moments as well creating the psychological impact on audience through the sound of the surrounding and the nature , I'm in total awe of the sound design of his films. And I will make sure to watch his next film The northman in theatre just to experience the sound design and sound editing. Overall, The VVitch isn't a typical horror film, it's more about the human condition and a very straightforward film doing social commentary on our society, beliefs and faith in unique way. Watch out for the anti climatic ending. This film also demands rewatch, there's this theory of religious book in the film which I wanna explore more during my second viewing. All in all brilliant debut by Eggers.

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