erik has written 105 reviews for films rated ★★★½ during 2019.

  • Trace



    bill it w Eye Myth

  • Look! We Have Come Through!

    Look! We Have Come Through!


    really a fan of the physicality here, always like films that focus around the human body and its movement.

  • Generator



    a potentially common complaint against makino is that his stuff just looks like tv static, a claim which is demonstrably untrue with most of his films, but kinda close on this one. really like how the o'rourke score starts though.

  • Bad Black

    Bad Black


    lacks some of the charm of Who Killed Captain Alex? but i appreciate the differences between the two works, with this one exposing at least a whim of social commentary beyond its sheer existence as an off the wall ethnography.

    i absolutely echo the people that say that vj emmie should riff every movie, brilliant man

  • Sentimental Education

    Sentimental Education


    gorgeous to look at but i really have no idea what the hell bressane is trying to do in general so u gotta just kinda see it as a relaxing zone than an intellectual exercise but hey thats alright sometimes

  • Sewer



    i generally like disconnected narratives of this nature where it's more about general characters and experience than cohesion, and i think something like this bills well with sharon lockhart. i do have to question the necessity for this being as long as it is though. other thing i guess i would mention is that, from the descriptions, i had believed this would be a diaz-esque descent to misery more than being a look at the moments of bored happiness, but books and covers and all that.

  • Where Does Your Hidden Smile Lie?

    Where Does Your Hidden Smile Lie?


    the "men!" line? iconic..

  • Rosa la Rose, Public Girl

    Rosa la Rose, Public Girl


    i think this has a bit too much sprawl for something that should be relatively self contained. good melodrama otherwise

  • Roi Soleil

    Roi Soleil


    yeah it isn't that essential (the louis film by serra is already a pretty minimal take on the louis film by rossellini) but i don't think any other work of art has adequately captured a hangover like this one so

  • Ruins Rider

    Ruins Rider


    still not huge on landscape films but this is obviously a somewhat different beast

  • Marriage Story

    Marriage Story


    my art thot wife took the kids

  • Excalibur



    wish it was a little slower paced, but also wish it was shorter. so it's kind of how i feel about lord of the rings except this is actually pretty cool most of the time, and more sufficiently campy. boorman's a based dude