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  • Moon Warriors

    Moon Warriors


    ok most of this is like pretty neat period wuxia stuff but.....why exactly was there a dude who had a real-life live orca that he trained lmao

  • Candyman



    a cool enough beat shift from the original film. i can't say that it does anything incredible with the material but i'm a fan of the ideas nonetheless

  • The Night House

    The Night House


    the fact that like 2% of this movie is "house is mirrored" is extremely funny, kinda feel like i got ripped off but on the other hand the rest of the movie is pretty swag

  • The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 2

    The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 2


    ok cuz this one kinda fun tho

  • Magic Mike

    Magic Mike


    this is like the world record of forbidden length movies. WHY the fuck is this 110 minutes long lmao

  • The Last Angel of History

    The Last Angel of History


    perhaps a bit too talking-head for my liking, but the subject matter is really cool and there's enough stylistic flourishes to the point where it doesn't really bother me. very cool little project

  • The Locals

    The Locals


    what i assumed from the description to be a haunted highway movie with some hicks as the villains turned into a timetravel curse film that ends up being immensely sweeter and more touching than expected. it's a bit too slight to be anything great but it was a nice little surprise.

  • Siberia



    one of the most unusual entries in the "dudes bein guys" canon

  • Pas de Deux

    Pas de Deux


    pretty neat

  • The Mystery of Oberwald

    The Mystery of Oberwald


    some insanely wild mishmash of a period drama, mdo-eqsue sensibilities, experimental 80s filmmaking, stuff that looks like it could burst into an old softcore at any moment, i mean i really just have no idea what in the hell this enigma of a movie is. not really successful or cohesive - i was hoping to be able to be the contrarian here and say it's a hidden gem of an already pretty well mined director - but i do think there's enough content here for the antonioni completist (and i really don't think this is ever /bad/ per se).

  • Christmas on Earth

    Christmas on Earth


    this is want i wanted from kenneth anger

  • The Green Knight

    The Green Knight


    it's a cool spin on the source material as best i can recall it, and the pacing usually keeps it from being cringe. mostly just gonna think of this as peasantcore inspo tho, catch me lookin like one of the extras when winter comes