The Devil All the Time

The Devil All the Time ★★★★

Gosh I forgot how divisive this movie was. Maybe divisive isn’t the right word since no one has thought about this movie since it came out but you know I certainly have thought about it. I am very receptive to the criticisms though I still hold that a lot of the criticisms seem to stem from the movie having a star studded cast and not really giving them much individual screentime even if it fits entirely what the movie is trying to do. I understand what people mean when the movie is too cruel and cynical but I still say it does it for a good reason. The story exists to show us that the belief in the kindness in the Christian god is met with pain and death, Arvin is struggles to find that kindness as he’s met with countless men who use god to justify atrocities. His father was the first preacher he ever met and he spoke the goodness of god despite watching god take his mother away and condemn his father. I just love a story that’s built entirely to show you how religion can be twisted and fit to incredibly niche needs like seeing god through killing young men or asking god to let you rape women. Does this need to remove all of the agency of the five named women to communicate it... you’ve got a point but I still think that there is a place to illuminate how intrinsically patriarchal Christianity is in a movie that is about how men use god to get whatever they want. I understand the hang ups but I just think the movie hit enough of my buttons for them to not bug me, especially when you see Arvin’s final moment of catharsis by making peace at his dad’s church that’s exactly my shit.

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