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  • Mystics in Bali

    Mystics in Bali


    And in today's story of “What the fuck did you think was gonna happen when you go to Indonesia and mess with black magic, you dumb American tourist”, Mystics in Bali! What a wild one!

    Cackling old witch sorcery going down in the woods, bodies transforming into plopped out pig-faced monstrosities, electrical tongues sipping up some sweet sweet blood, and vampire fanged heads being torn out guts 'n' all, sucking fresh babies straight outta the womb! Crazy. I love the…

  • Lady Terminator

    Lady Terminator


    We've seen more dead bodies than you've eaten hot dogs!”

    Well let's see, I'm about three minutes into the movie and already this “South Sea Queen” has had her vagina snake(!) bite off a dude's junk in a violent burst of blood. And then while getting it on with another guy, he grasps her snake turning it into a magical dagger(!?) which locks her away under the sea for a hundred years, as she vows revenge against his great granddaughter…

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  • Killing Spree

    Killing Spree


    BEEF in the front, BUNS in the back!

    This one was so much fun! Everything about this white-walled SOV slopfest is about as amateurish, yet charmingly entertaining as it gets. Asbestos Felt totally kills it as a paranoid, methed-out lookin' husband who tears apart every man who comes near his precious wife in vicious gory fashion, love the eerie pink dream sequences whenever he goes into another psycho mindtrip. Faces get claw hammered, heads get ceiling macheted, guts get chainsawed to pieces, and things take a hilariously zombirific turn by the end. And an extra star for that sick rap number over the credits, it's perfect!

  • Lorna, the Exorcist

    Lorna, the Exorcist


    No crucifixes, no holy water, and man, there's not even a priest in sight! I don't know if I'd call Pamela Stanford an exorcist per se, but Lina Romay certainly has some "demons" that need to be "purged", and a little bit of witchy tongue magic seems to be the only cure 👅

    Another sexy, surreal, and hazy fantasy from the mind of Jess Franco, once again masquerading in the world of dreams. I totally loved this one, just the…

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  • The Amusement Park

    The Amusement Park


    BY FAR the scariest movie George Romero had ever made, and there's not a single zombie in sight. Because while monsters and ghouls can be rationalized away as mere fantasies from a deranged mind, growing old in a society that doesn't care is a stark reality that's as harsh and unsettling as it gets... and creeping closer as every second passes.

    The Amusement Park is a glimpse into the chaotic day-to-day life of one elderly man, being shuffled from ride…

  • Cruising



    Al Pacino puts on one hell of a raw and gritty performance, going undercover to catch a killer tearing apart the NYC gay club scene in vicious fashion. Such an intense watch, the atmosphere is so wonderfully sleazy and electric, and I had no idea this leaned so heavily into the slasher/almost giallo-ish side of things. A near perfect ending too, leave it to William Friedkin to cast that cloud of suspicion as thick as can be before the credits…