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  • Lords of Chaos

    Lords of Chaos

    This film has no idea what it wants to be nor does it seem to attempt to understand the relationships between the musicians involved.

    In an attempt to distill the black metal story down to cinematic cliché, we're apparently meant to believe that Euronymous was actually just a goof who existed outside the environment that he himself helped to create. He becomes the canonical good guy, leaving villain Varg Vikernes to murder him after his supportive girlfriend (a character made…

  • Crystal



    The shot with the star cut out of the paper is such a simple but gorgeous moment. The whole thing is constructed out of these little striking ideas which makes for a very pretty time. Nothing all that deep, just a good intermediary into that flow state.

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  • Honey Boy

    Honey Boy

    It's hard to sum up with just how much contempt I hold these actor vanity projects. What is Shia trying to tell us about his life here? We all go through bad things (for many of us, terrible and irreparable things) and in an artistic vision it's important to use those bad experiences to teach us something about ourselves or the world around us, yet any nuance situated in the film's script comes up like a blank piece of paper.…

  • Office Lady Rape: Disgrace!

    Office Lady Rape: Disgrace!


    Gorgeous, tender, forward thinking... an artistry with obvious distinction. So many thoughts and feelings seep out of every shot, every movement. Pink films tend to have over the top branding, which makes sense for the most part but this is just false advertising that does a disservice to the film's content. I guess that would explain why Sato films commonly tend to have a conventional title attached to the more salacious marketing title? Hisayasu Sato is a true original and…