Thomas Chan

Thomas Chan


serious martial arts, light gags

Favorite films

  • Love on Delivery
  • Happy Hour
  • School Daze
  • Mallrats

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  • The Forgotten City


  • All's Right With The World


  • Umbrella


  • Plastic China


Recent reviews

  • The Replacement Killers

    The Replacement Killers


    We need to critically redeem The Replacement Killers.

    This movie gifted us the final instance of John Woo (still riding his 90s peak) choreographing Chow Yun-fat, who manages to look cooler than ever. Mira Sorvina is just as striking in the action sequences she's given, which there should have been way more of. Director Antione Fuqua's music video stylings give the look of the film a pristine 90s-chill.

    The plot is barebones, but so was Hard Boiled's, and at a brisk runtime of 87 minutes, who can complain?

  • Sugar Street Studio

    Sugar Street Studio


    Less an homage to classic Hong Kong horror comedies like Mr. Vampire and more a heartless rendition of Scooby Doo.

    Who is this film for? The plot-twist and stupid moral message (sometimes the bad guys look like good guys and the good guys look like bad guys!) seem made for elementary schoolers, while the plot itself involves rape
    and murder.

    Basically, the worst kind of film: it's one that actively insults the viewer's intelligence. Terrible acting from the younger cast, who never fit comfortably into their roles as disparaged prop artists, and even worse visuals: awful colour correction and digital effects.

Popular reviews

  • Hard Boiled

    Hard Boiled


    My indoctrination into film began with a 35mm screening of HARD BOILED, seven drinks deep, ass-planted in the rightmost seat in the front row of a sold out Cinema 3 at the TIFF Lightbox. Tickets purchased on a whim, because the cool looking guy on the poster looked sorta like me. 

    Watching HARD BOILED for the first time is like a revelation. A scientific experiment conducted via action cinema to test the limits of human testosterone production. Cinema to scream…

  • Midsommar



    Florence Pugh is a phenomenal lead. I read in an article somewhere that her wide face and big eyes makes it impossible for a viewer to not catch every slight emotional change she expresses. Buried beneath all the pagan-cult theatrics and claustrophobe-psychedelia of Midsommar is a story about a relationship breaking down. The suspense, the fear, the disappointment, the grief, and everything else is channeled to the audience through Pugh's performance.

    But don't get me wrong about the romance thing.…