Raiders of the Lost Ark

Raiders of the Lost Ark ½

To Begin, I did not like this flick, I found it overrated.
Starting with the positives, introduction of Indiana Jones is not bad
•His relation with Marion looked quite beautiful and is fascinating! She brings so much fun and humour into the film
•Apart from these points, I found one or ywo chase scenes and some action scenes interesting and piercing!!
Minus Points
•It is very slow paced and boring, barring the chase scenes the film does not grab the viewers’ attention!
•The Movie does not take a stand! Sometimes, the movie goes on in a serious tone and suddenly comedy scenes start coming
•Many Cases Of racism in the film, the Egyptians don’t get to be serious and only act like sidekicks to Indiana Jones. This is not the only case! Hence, lot of racism
•The Climax is uncanny and eldritch, souls coming out made the movie go out of track!
•Although Indiana Jones’ intro is exciting, his characterisation is substandard and lamentable. Harrison Ford is An archeologist in the film but his character seems to be interested more In punching other guys
It is an overrated movie and it was difficult to watch, to be honest, I felt sleepy!
No Offese, just my opinion!

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