Prince of Darkness ★★★★

Assault on Diocese 13

As far as love letters to Nigel Kneale go, I think Lifeforce is more on point, but this Stone Tape meets Demons high concept gory 80s satanic panic is a fun twist on the faith vs. science/rational vs. irrational conflict at the heart of so many similar UK stories: here faith and science share equal footing! Carpenter has a well worn bag of tricks at this point in his career and sometimes it works great (when is a bunch of creepers staring in through a window not going to be creepy?), and other times it just seems out of place (slasher beats in the middle of cosmic metaphysical chaos). It's so slick that one can get easily distracted by how nonsensical the plot is... which is probably how it should be! I underrated this the first time I saw it nearly half a lifetime ago. It's one of his greats, if for no other reason than simply by command of ideas, mood and tone a cosmic apocalyptic event is communicated on a shoestring budget.

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