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  • Transporter 2

    Transporter 2


    Something of an improvement on the original, Transporter 2 is an utterly bonkers, stupidly entertaining way to spend 80 minutes.

    This is no Man on Fire, but at least this time we have a plot, a decent, pumping score and a much better cast; people who can actually act, in fact.

    The fights are fewer and more inventive - though nothing quite beats the oil slick battle in the original - and Kate Nauta’s scantily clad assassin (there’s a change…

  • Eternal Beauty

    Eternal Beauty


    Eternal Beauty is a story told through colour - the production design is outstanding and the use of mirrors, glass and other reflective surfaces within and around an ever-changing colour palette is worth watching the film for alone. Furthermore, the interior detail is gloriously depressing in its arch-mundanity!

    And that, essentially, is my problem with it: it is so well designed as to be distracting. There are moments of perfectly-pitched heartbreak in the familial characters’ interactions with Hawkins’ Jane -…

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  • Whiplash



    Very much my tempo.

  • Let Him Go

    Let Him Go


    This completely blindsided me - still thinking about it a day later; can’t often say that about a genre flick...

    But I guess LHG doesn’t really sit comfortably in any genre. And refreshingly so. What begins as a kind of western melodrama with horses - and no-one does the world weary cowboy cop like Costner - soon becomes a parental quest which then becomes a noirish thriller that goes to some VERY dark, unexpected places. There are two absolute stand…