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Zombie Film #21

28 Days Later gets high praise for a reason, it's a superbly written and crafted film with a great cast of characters that you feel for and are interested in every step of the way. I'm a huge fan of Alex Garlands work, so I was very excited when I learned he wrote this. The film's "Zombies" are caused by an infection that can spread the normal biting way, but also through animals, and getting exposed by the blood of the infected. The infected are extremely nimble, fast and smart, and the characters in this really have to jump through hoops to avoid getting infected themselves. Of course later, the real issue is some of the uninfected people are more dangerous than the infected ones. The cast for this is excellent, with Cillian Murphy being the main protagonist and the shining star of this film, I wish he would get bigger roles in more films because he is great here. Naomie Harris is equally as good, as Selena and Brandon Gleeson is always a pleasure to watch. Danny Boyle's direction is another highlight, there are some amazing scenes in this and when the group of people are traveling through London, he really got to flex his skills. My only downside to this film that could turn people off is that it's shot on early digital technology so it has that look to it, it personally didn't bother me much and actually added to the overall grimey vibe for me, but it will definetely keep some from enjoying it. 28 days later is a uniquely bleak take on a zombie film, and you can tell it laid the groundwork for the modern zombie and some modern horror films in general.

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