• The Djinn

    The Djinn


    There's a fair 20 minute film in here, but even then, just a fair one.

  • Spooks Run Wild

    Spooks Run Wild


    Pleased for the opportunity to see Angelo Rossitto, and former Our Gang member, Sunshine Sammy Morrison, in this film, but unfortunately, seeing them (and Lugosi, of course) provided the film with its only highlights. Neither Lugosi, nor Rossitto are given much to work with, and Morrison is subjected to dated attempts at racial humor.

  • Very Close Encounters of the Fourth Kind

    Very Close Encounters of the Fourth Kind


    Offensive rapey Italian softcore sex comedy that's watchable only because it's so fuckin' stoopid, and even then, only if you're hanging with a bunch of fucked up idiot friends and one of them says "You fucks won't fuckin' believe this fuckin' shit!" Yup. That's what happened to me.

    Three horny college students think their astronomy teacher is hot. She is. Better yet, she has a "maid" and she's hot too. They decide to dress up in weird black rubber S&M…

  • Mulholland Drive

    Mulholland Drive


    I watched this when it came out, but had to leave the theatre just before the corpse is discovered in the swapped apartment - and sadly - I didn't make it back for 20-25 minutes, finding myself completely confused.

    So happy to have finally corrected my crime against cinema!

  • Above Suspicion

    Above Suspicion


    Several excellent performances in support of a poorly told tale.

  • Wrath of Man

    Wrath of Man


    Solid heist film though the timeline jumps around more than was probably necessary.

  • Da 5 Bloods

    Da 5 Bloods


    I suppose I can understand why Lee feels like he has to spell everything out, but by doing so, I fear he actually makes it less likely that he'll reach those who might need to hear the message.

  • Zombie TV

    Zombie TV


    I bailed on this sketch comedy compilation at the mid-point, finding the writing as uneven as the production values. Actually, that’s not being fair to the production values which, while sometimes non-existent, are at other times quite polished and professional. The writing, however, never rises above the unexpected cheap laugh, such as when a virgin male who had decided that squeezing the tits of a big-breasted zombie woman would be worth dying for, appears later in a related sketch as…

  • Zombeavers



    Far better than anyone has any reason to expect, Zombeavers is actually laugh-out-loud funny from nearly start to finish. In fact, the film literally starts and finishes with a bang thanks to two seemingly improvising comedians in a truck hauling toxic chemicals. Enter three young women in bikinis, a remote cabin that isn’t quite remote enough, and several seriously messed-up beavers, and cue the delirious ridiculousness.

  • The Zero Theorem

    The Zero Theorem


    Christoph Waltz stars as Qohen Leth. That’s Qohen as in “Koan”, a Zen Buddhist paradox intended to lead monks to abandon reason so as to enter intuitive enlightenment. And that’s "Leth" as in the ancient Greek root (from Latin) suggesting either sloth, or a dull mental state. Qohen Leth could be accused of the later. Referring to himself alternately as “we” or “us”, Qohen represents all of mankind. While he recognizes that – ultimately – each of us is all…

  • WolfCop



    A fun low-budget comedy about an alcoholic cop named Lou Garou (as in “Loup Garou”, respectively meaning “Wolf” and “Werewolf” in French, while also being the name of a popular Montreal bar) who is transformed into a wolf-man by a cult of shapeshifting locals who need of the creatures blood every few decades in order to continue to exist. Having obtained control of the city government, they have the annual “Drink n’ Shoot” cancelled in order to clear the woods…

  • Empire of the Dark

    Empire of the Dark


    Stoopid fun just doesn't get much stoopidy-er. Plump director, writer, editor AND STAR, Steve Birkett could not be more of an "everyman." By wrongheadedly casting himself as an action hero, not to mention inserting himself into romantic scenes with actresses far out of his league, he becomes every chubby couch spuds dream! And by that i mean.. me!

    Richard Harrison of Peplum, Spaghetti Western, Eurocrime fame co-stars along with Joe Pilato (Day of the Dead) and Dawn Wildsmith.