The Man in the Orange Jacket ★★★½

A strong WTF ending will either win over audiences or completely alienate them. The film begins with a promising social-political tone, as 500+ striking laborers lose their jobs after a CEO decides to lay them off and take a vacation. Cut to one of these laborers, face obscured, now hiding inside the secluded mansion of said CEO. Bloody mayhem ensues.

Less successful – with one exception - are a series of subsequent scenes inside the mansion where the killer has illogically taken up residence. He hears loud peculiar noises coming from the basement (where the bodies of the former occupants have been stashed), sees a face - possibly that of the CEO’s – in an upstairs window, experiences sudden hurricane level gusts of wind, and – least effective of all – encounters a mysterious, seemingly threatening visitor. Clearly, either our protagonist is losing his mind (ala Crime And Punishment, or The Tell Tale Heart), or else there are supernatural stirrings at work.

A much better segment than these involves his hiring of two prostitutes, and it's probably the only one in which the killer's total lack of personality helps to build tension, rather than detract from it. And, of course, bloody mayhem ensues yet again.

Finally we come to the shocking WTF ending, in which little doubt is left regarding whether or not the supernatural has been at play.