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  • Once Upon a Time in Shanghai

    Once Upon a Time in Shanghai


    Entertaining enough, but inferior to both 1972’s BOXER FROM SHANTUNG and 2002’s HERO, both of which tell the same story, so why bother? And especially so given that the martial arts action editing relies upon removing frames to artificially speed up the action and intensify impact. Really? There are some excellent martial artists in this film, so this is not at all necessary. Let the damned fighters show off what they’ve got!

    All that said, I appreciated the casting of…

  • The Man in the Orange Jacket

    The Man in the Orange Jacket


    A strong WTF ending will either win over audiences or completely alienate them. The film begins with a promising social-political tone, as 500+ striking laborers lose their jobs after a CEO decides to lay them off and take a vacation. Cut to one of these laborers, face obscured, now hiding inside the secluded mansion of said CEO. Bloody mayhem ensues.

    Less successful – with one exception - are a series of subsequent scenes inside the mansion where the killer has…

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  • Kung Fu Elliot

    Kung Fu Elliot


    A fun documentary with a surprise twist ending. Elliot Scott is a young man with a mission: To become Canada’s Chuck Norris. Or Jackie Chan. With a couple of cheap homemade videos under his Black Belt, Scott is ready to step things up. Among other things, he will set himself on fire for his next film. But only if his girlfriend allows it, a woman who – sometimes heartbreakingly - supports him in every way.

    Exaggerating his fame, while also…

  • Come True

    Come True


    Incredibly slow, yet I couldn't take my eyes away. By the end, I wished I had. What bullshit.