BlacKkKlansman ★★★★

I hesitate to give this 5 stars as of yet, but I think I might just bump it up later on. This joint was totally wild. At times it's absolutely hilarious, and other times it is utterly rage-inducing. However, at its core, and the reason it is so visceral and a shot to the gut of America and really everyone in it, is truth. The story and the characters it portrays are all real, and the intensely frustrating message that portrays is just as true if not more. Spike frequently takes direct jabs at the Trump establishment, even frequently having David Duke use the exact words that Trump prominently spewed over various antagonistic speeches. These moments are particularly affecting, as it is impossible to know whether to laugh or get angry or simply sigh and sink into your seat. The use of footage from 'Birth of a Nation' and 'Gone with the Wind' was a genius move, and the use of news footage was as powerful a moment in social terms that I've seen all year. The moment in the beginning with Alec Baldwin was also genius and something everyone must see at once. The ending will truly take your breath away.

To go along with this, the performances from John David Washington, Adam Driver, and Topher Grace were of particular note, with a great supporting cast as well. My one complaint is with the character of Patrice, I thought she was pretty boring and bland, with no development at all, and Laura Harrier was pretty mediocre in my eyes. Other than this, I think a quote from Topher Grace captures this film best: “This movie should not be more relevant today, which it is, than when it takes place.”

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