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  • Snatch
  • Donnie Darko
  • Never Rarely Sometimes Always
  • The Last Black Man in San Francisco

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  • No Time to Die


  • The Hand of God


  • Sundown


  • Boiling Point


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  • No Time to Die

    No Time to Die


    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    *Direct spoilers for the ending*

    I really enjoyed this generally as a Bond film but really not sure what I think about the ending. Because I see three options from here:  1) they bring him back saying he didn’t actually die 2) they carry on the franchise with the new 007 who isn’t Bond 3) they start over with a new Bond and completely new plot line 

    And I don’t like any 3 of these options because James Bond IS…

  • The Hand of God

    The Hand of God


    London Film Festival 2021 film #22 

    Talk about dramatic change of vibe. The first quarter of this film is a fun coming of age comedy which I really enjoyed, and then it takes a sharp left turn into dark tragedy which I also really enjoyed. And then it just starts wandering into quite boring and philosophical territory, every scene leading you to think ‘oh, this is a nice ending’ and then lurches you into yet another scene. If I was…

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  • I May Destroy You

    I May Destroy You


    The way this portrays women, race, London, consent, periods, sex, men, homophobia, rape, friendship, trust, good and bad, night life, relationships, power, money, independence, family, fame, social media, environmentalism, bullying and just modern British life in every which way is something I have never seen before on screen. I applaud Michaela Cole and think she’s going to become as big, if not bigger, than Phoebe Waller Bridge (she also did the ‘break the fourth wall’ thing first).

  • Control



    I felt more emotional reading Ian Curtis' Wikipedia page than I did from watching this film. And it's a crying shame because his story is tragic and his music is beautiful.

    There is little to no character development at all in this; he falls out of love with Debbie for no apparent reason, he falls in love with Annik for no apparent reason, he has no chemistry with his band mates, he has no love for his daughter, and even…