Strangers in Good Company

Strangers in Good Company ★★★★★

One of the most beautiful movies I've ever seen. Nine (mostly) elderly women are traveling through an isolated part of Canada when their bus breaks down. They spend the next few days at an abandoned house, making do with their scant resources and trying to amuse themselves while they wait for help. Mostly they talk.

It may not sound like the stuff of scintillating narrative--and it's largely ad libbed based on what I gather are real stories from the women's lives--but the conversations the women have are the kinds that seem to take place out of time, in peculiar situations like theirs. One still wants to find love and be held. Another hopes she sees her husbands in heaven; the other isn't sure there's anything after we die. One night, one of the women asks another what's the most frightened she's ever been. The things they talk about are the things that make everyone's lives meaningful.

But it's not always super deep; sometimes they're just watching birds, or catching and eating frogs, or dancing, or being card sharks, or what-have-you. It's just a really lovely movie made of so many small moments that amount to this moving whole. It doesn't hurt either that Strangers is set in the backdrop of this little gem of a lake in a woodsy, grassy paradise (Canada, you sly devil, who knew?).

See it now. Please?

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