The Descent

The Descent ★★★

Well the scare factor in this one got overhyped for me.

The Descent feels like a mixture of 'Cube', 'The Blair With Project', and 'Alien'. It is a decently paced claustrophobic horror flick, but gets dragged down by some significant issues.

I felt like the main character's back story with overcoming a tragedy was pointless, and was only used to single her out as the 'main character', and allow for those birthday cake transition shots. I don't think this was needed as a reason for the girls to go on this trip, and it would have been better to see more character development within this interesting group of women.

I found it challenging to keep track of which girl was which. And that became more difficult when they got in the cave and even more difficult once the monsters started showing up.

I thought the overall visual style of the movie was great. The forest had these muted colors that emoted this sad vibe which contrasted nicely against the girl's excitement to go on this adventure. The caves were shot beautifully, and I love how well they were able to capture the darkness being filled by the light from flares and flashlights.

My biggest complaint is that I did not think it was scary, and I feel that was mostly due to how disorienting it is. Once the monsters show up the camera was all over the place. Besides the adventurous girl that decided for them to go into a new cave and the main character ... I could not tell who was getting killed off. But I did think the tension that was established with the girls venturing deeper into the cave was really effective.


I thought the part were the adventurous girl accidentally killed off one of her friends, was a bit overdramatic and cliche. But the end was great with how they tricked us into thinking that she escaped, but it was only a fantasy.

I think most people would enjoy this but unfortunately I was underwhelmed by the scares, characters, and story.

"I'm Finished"
- Daniel Plainview

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