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  • Light Sleeper

    Light Sleeper

    Why should you watch:

    Willem Dafoe & Susan Sarandon are VERY cool criminals
    David Spade's cameo as "Theological Cokehead"
    Gorgeous night driving scenes
    Memorable dialogue
    Character study
    Tone poem

  • The Invisible Guest

    The Invisible Guest

    Why should you watch:

    Nonlinear narrative escalates while merging timelines
    So many twists and turns fit into one film
    Nostalgic for the 90s thriller vibes
    Very pulpy and operatic tone
    Story mostly contained
    Dialogue drives action

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  • Sorcerer


    Why should you watch:

    A masterclass in directing action
    Stunning cinematography
    Perfectly paced story
    Interesting to have bad guys as the heroes
    Tonally it feels like a horror movie at times
    Tangerine Dream score

  • Censor


    Just watched CENSOR directed by Prano Bailey-Bond. Super fun horror film that gets me nostalgic about when I watched scary movies on VHS. Sundance 2021