Bo Burnham: Inside

Bo Burnham: Inside ½

kinda just had to see what the internet dudes were collectively creaming themselves over this time, genuinely never heard of this dude before, kinda unhappy that I felt the need to change that fact.

i guess im still just kinda fascinated by the idea of quarantine art, although it still seems like the seeming potential of it is never going to pan out. and with this being touted as this quarantine masterpiece I just kinda had to see it. Sad to say, this is one of the worst pieces of quarantine art I've yet to see. at the beginning of this pandemic it seems like every small municipality here did one of those zoom song covers, where a few dozen of people sing into their webcam and someone has the job of cutting everything together. it is incredibly quaint and always sucks but even that somehow manages to be more meaningful than anything that burnham does in this special.

burnham does some riffs on the idea of "content" here, using the modern web 2.0 definition of the word, completely missing the fact that while this is certainly "content", there is next to no content in anything he does during these 90 minutes. like just take the "white woman instagram" song (which is already such a cringy idea), where he lists all of the stuff white woman supposedly like to post on instagram. small pumpkins, dogs, inspirational quotes, coffee, that kinda stuff. that is the song. there is nothing more to it, there is no critique of it, no satire nothing. there is nothing to it all, besides going "aren't these imaginary white woman in my head cringe?"

and that is the vast majority of these songs. we've got "facetime with my mom" where we learn that his mom watches some tv show and puts her finger on her iphone camera, we've got "problematic" where he like fake apologizes for being problematic while never actually touching on anything that might make him problematic, we've got the "sexting" song which i cant even say anything about, the "jeffrey bezos" song because i guess he read about jeffrey bezos on twitter at some point.

worst is the song "thats how the world works" with his sockpuppet who, for some reason, gets to be coded as a poc, telling him to read a book and to stop thinking of himself as the center of the universe only for him to tell the sock to shut up. there is just a minute where he throws in all of the buzzwords he can think of, without understanding a single one of them.

there are so many moments in these 87 minutes where he just completely disappears up his own ass. being self-aware about being self-aware about being self-aware, just to hide the fact that he has fuck all to say. there are so many parts where he will begin to talk about something meaningful only to then immediately pull away from it or do a non-sequitur.

and lets not forget, this whole thing is fucking fake. it is so much more fake than anything the supposed "white woman" post on instagram. he's got a girlfriend, he's got a dog, he obviously has a larger house he actually lives in, his anger and crying fits are obviously staged. and it genuinely seems like some of his fans either don't get it and believed it, which is fucking sad, or got it and just seem to think that that is the only way to make art, which is way fucking sadder.

you just cannot fucking help but hope him and his fans will get over this internet irony shit at some point in the (hopefully) near future, like they should have in 2017, because this shit makes you completely fucking useless as a human being. dude you are fucking thirty grow the fuck up. read a book. just one please you had a whole fucking year. you are fucking thirty like come on.

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