Tenet ★★★½

Watched at the New Beverly in 35mm

I’ve never been in a theater this loud. It was like they had the volume turned up to 11 out of a max of 10. I have a feeling it’s so that the audience could actually hear the dialogue, but when the action scenes came on, it was just too much. Now about those action scenes, they were so much fun. The car scene, the plane crash, the reverse fighting were all cool, but I expected more out of the final action scene. I feel like it could’ve been way more interesting and shows you that just because an action scene is bigger in scale, doesn’t mean it’s better. In terms of the plot, it made absolutely no sense to me, and I was fine with that except when there were exposition scenes which I couldn’t care about. I basically just tried to follow the scientist’s advice when she said, “don’t try to understand it, feel it.” Time is literally Nolan’s biggest obsession, he just can’t get enough of messing around with it.

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