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My favorite genre is horror, don't mind my ratings bc it's not that deep.

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  • The Hunt

    The Hunt


    I don't really know how to feel about the dark comedy/commentary about extremists bc some takes fell nice, but others were kind of forced. Still has a great pace, action is well done and I was entertained.
    Last fight sequence was amazing imo.

  • The Little Shop of Horrors

    The Little Shop of Horrors


    Not that bad, it's kind of boring at parts but at the same time is soooooo stupid but funny. Again, i like old movies with bad jokes and overacting.
    I had never seen the musical from the 80's so this was my first introduction to the story and I really liked it.

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  • Arrival



    I loved this so much because it has one of my favorite themes in movie: time. And something I wasn't expecting that I really love outside of movies which is language. I love to learn new languages as a hobbie, and this movie put together those thing I love and created a fantastic story that was a perfect fit for a top movie for me.

  • Luca



    This was SO CUTEEEEE, my heart felt so warm after this, i know they're not mermaids technically but everything related to mermaids (or sea shape shifting creatures) has a special place in my heart. I know it's predictable but there's something beautiful in the resonance this can apply to the quote the mother says like "some people, they'll never accept him. But some will". Idk about you but that's some kind of subtext for me... like a metaphor of coming out. Just maybe... You know.