• Dune



    hans zimmer + denis villeneuve couldn’t have created anything below five stars if they tried 

    p.s. liet kynes i love you 

    p.p.s.  this has my heart i might have to disappear for a while

  • Moxie



    • Live love laugh girl listens to Avril Lavigne... turns into epic #girlboss 

    • Sk8er boy respects women (but in a cool way)

    • The writers of after understand woke teenagers, on a deep level.
    Any other teenage girls feeling so represented right now!!!😸💯💯🤟🚺💋🔥😜😹😇🙌😂😂

  • Twist



    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    Two stars for each of David Walliams’ scrotum after Micheal Caine impales them with his cane.