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  • The Thin Man

    The Thin Man


    Nick and Nora Charles slightly edge the Nick and Nora who made that infinite playlist

  • And Tomorrow the Entire World

    And Tomorrow the Entire World


    “In the end, it’s just a stage for those seeking the limelight,” says Dietmar (Andreas Lust), a veteran of leftist political movements in Germany. Dietmar represents the revolution of the past, focused on making big moves that they believed would create a new society, one without Nazis, xenophobes, and racists. He provides a safe harbor for the new revolution, a small subset of Antifa, young Germans hoping to fight back against the rise of right-wing political and violent organizations. The…

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  • Motherless Brooklyn

    Motherless Brooklyn


    No mothers? In all of Brooklyn?

  • Shithouse



    Here’s the deal. This is one of my favorite movies of the year. Cooper Raiff is a name to watch. 

    There’s a sensitivity and realism that’s unmatched here. Maybe it’s because I’m currently in my mid 20s, not far from those college years, or maybe it’s because Raiff shows authenticity and honesty; regardless, this film fucking slaps.